Tutor Recruitment

We are currently recruiting for new tutors to work with the students we are currently in partnership with and to some of our corporate clients.

We are interested in hearing from individuals with a variety of academic backgrounds and in particular those with experience or a passion for teaching English, Maths, languages and Science. We will however consider all types of backgrounds as the demand for our tutoring encompasses a wide scope of subjects.

When selecteing tutors we take into consideration not only academic credentials but also any relevant experience an individual might have. This may include work experience or exposure to extra curricular activities. Because our range of subjects is varied, the makeup of our tutors is broad with a range of diverse skills and backgrounds meaning that our tutors are an extremely diverse group. You may offer something as specific as a dialect in a language or accountancy skill whilst others, for example, may be experts in two or more traditional academic subjects.

Tutors who are selected to work with us will be asked to provide proof of their qualifications (usually your most recent) and also specific identity and background information specified by the Criminal Records Bureau. In some cases an enhanced CRB check may be required.

We will consider any applicant; our interest is only in your ability to offer high quality tutoring to our students and clients.

To apply to become a tutor please email your covering letter and CV to info@kingstonandrichmond.com

We will reply to your email within three working days.

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