We’re glad to share with you some of the testimonials and feedback Kingston & Richmond tutors have received…


“I used Kingston & Richmond to help with my coursework as I found my Maths and English had fallen behind. The tutor helped improve my grades and I have been happy with both the skills my tutor helped me with but also how to structure and organise my work. I would recommend Kingston & Richmond tutors.”

Daniel Withan-Jones (19), Richmond-upon-Thames, AS level Maths and English, Local school.


“My confidence in the subject grew and I went from a C to A grade with the help of Ruth”

Christina Gomez (18), Teddington. Portuguese Studies, University of Southampton.


“The techniques James used with me not only improved by ability to interpret the exam questions better, but gave me a better grasp of how to approach my answers. I can honestly say I would not have received my place at Manchester if it wasn’t for the help and mentoring I received from James in my last year at Tiffin. Thank you so much”

Bernard (19), SW London, Business Management, The University of Manchester.


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