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At Kingston & Richmond Tutors, we help students with private tutoring, educational support, mentoring and advice. We also help professionals in corporate firms improve by providing consultancy to their team members in a range of subjects. The three core areas we work in are:

Private Tutoring

This is offered in a range of subjects, both academic and vocational and includes those in traditional topics, the humanities, music and sport.

Private Tuition & SubjectsEducational Consultancy

We help mentor students to become the best they can be and realise their true potential. It is essential that students master essential study skills such as: time management; organisation; note taking and we also provide tuition, where there is a specific focus on mastering the key skills: numeracy; spelling; grammar, exam technique and essay writing.

Our educational consultancy is suited to helping a pupil gain entrance to London’s leading independent schools, colleges or universities.

We guarantee, that with each exam tuition assignment there is a focus on key exam preparation skills: exam question answering; memorisation techniques; comprehension and textual analysis; exam taking; study skills and organisation.


Corporate Teaching

We work with some of the UK’s largest blue-chip organisations to help their workforce work better. This includes tutoring team members with private tuition in a language or academic subject. As many of these firms are Thames Valley-based, we are particularly experienced in supporting European nationals in English tuition for their roles within the UK.

For further details and to detail your requirement, please contact us.

Subjects Taught

Popular subjects:

Biology | Chemistry | English | French | German | History | Maths | Physics | Science | Spanish

We are also tutoring in:

Accounting | Art | Business Studies | Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) | Design Technology | Economics | Engineering | Latin | Music

Aside from the traditional subjects we are also tutoring in:

Leisure Studies | Tennis Coaching | Rowing Coaching (Sculling and Sweep)

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